“Music Mermaid" is and artist. Also known as Sharon Kathryn and Princess Sharon of Merlantis in her book A Musical Mermaid Tale. A Musical Mermaid Tale was written in Lebanon after my cousin Christina heard my first dance songs, she told me I should write a children's book with songs. I thought it was a great idea and now I am a published author.

Sharon's dog, best friend and inspiration’s name is Nemo Lucky Sharky. He was found on petfinder.com in May of 2015. He is a rescue dog from St. Thomas Island where he was found starving on the streets by Animed in Dedham, MA. He is part Italian Grey Hound and part Chihuahua so he is only 25 pounds and runs very fast. Nemo Lucky Sharky is Sharon's best friend in real life and in the book.

Sharon is a full time public elementary music teacher with her Master's in Music Education and has two bachelor’s degrees in Music Education and Communications/Film. She is a teacher, trained actress, dancer, singer, and martial artist.

Words from Music Mermaid: "My joy in life is to give children the gift of music. I am hoping this book will encourage my readers to sing, dance and write songs of their own and follow their dreams!”

“I hope you enjoy my first book with dance songs! I wrote the book and wrote and produced all the songs. These songs are at 128 bpm (beats per minute), which is a form of EDM called HOUSE MUSIC. That lifts your spirits and makes you dance!"

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